Luchador Gringo

Exploring the Extraordinary World of Luchador Movies

Who Is Luchador Gringo?

He is Dan Leon Taylor, a writer and creator of various mediums. He is me. (So, I’ll go ahead and switch from writing in the third person to writing in the first person because that started out weird.) I’ve written comic books, short stories, screenplays, role-playing game material, and ad copy. I enjoy consuming and creating with mixed genres and tropes that when combined turn out to be something unique yet still familiar. And, it was while doing some research and working out a new story idea involving a luchador character that I became enamored with Luchador Films.

Why a Luchador Gringo Website?

I am no expert on Luchador Films, far from it. While I’ve been familiar with the concept for quite some time, it is only recently that I’ve jumped into the ring and the world of masked wrestlers battling mad scientists and other such nefarious foes. If anything was ever in my wheelhouse it was this. Upon trying to discover and amass as much Luchador Films media as I could I discovered that this crazy fun genre has been gravely overlooked or dismissed outside of Latino circles. So, like any good obsessive nerd, I started a blog to share my discoveries and passion in an effort to spread the good word regarding Luchador Films.

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