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Luchador Gringo & El Mayo: Episode 003

J. Gonzo y Santo Contra los Zombies (Santo vs. the Zombies) 1961

The third episode of Luchador Gringo & el Mayo: A Lucha Libre Cinema Podcast welcomes its first guest, writer/artist/creator of La Mano del Destino, J. Gonzo, and offers a discussion about El Santo’s defining debut as a superhero in the 1961 classic Santo Contra los Zombies.

You can get the luchador graphic novel La Mano del Destino by J. Gonzo (which by the way, is a wonderful love letter to luchadores and lucha libre) from Amazon or digitally via Comixology, or from your local favorite comic book shop, or wherever fine books are sold.

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Santo contra los Zombies
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